Pre-Employability and Apprentice Trainers and Managers

Pre-Employability and Apprentice Trainers and Managers

  • Are your students frightened of using the phone because they have never done so in a business context?
  • Do you want them to know how they sound on the phone before they make a real call to request a CV, or start a job with their new employer?
  • Is telephone skills (or lack of it) one of the things employers want you to do something about?
  • Do you need to get the standard of skills right before sending them to into a work situation?
  • Do you need to get their level of confidence high before you place them in a new job?
  • Do you need a way to give the groups lots of telephone practice with a sense of realism?
  • Are you training in lots of different places so need flexibility and a way to engage them that is interactive, fun and memorable?

What could your students learn from listening back to their calls?

Are you:

  • Delivering employability skills which includes telephone skills
  • Offering apprenticeships in customer service, business admin, telesales and contact centre operations
  • In one suitcase on wheels for easy transportation
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Delivering receptionist/PA skills training?

We believe we have the solution for you …….

Portable telephone training equipment that you can use in any room to train groups up to 6 or 12 to help students practice then listen back to their calls.

The best way to develop any skill is by practising it. Discussing it, watching videos, listening to people, reading notes all help but practice is, in the end, what helps most – especially practice which can be reviewed and analysed in a safe training environment without the pressure of the job and without a real customer on the other end of the line!! With this portable training kit …..

Building your confidence

  • You can have pairs practising to each other as ‘customer’ and ‘agent’, or ‘prospective employee’ and ‘prospective employer’ in different rooms to improve non visual communication skills
  • All the calls are simultaneously recorded on a laptop
  • The students can immediately hear their calls back down the phones immediately after a call for those ‘OMG do I really sound like that’ moment!
  • You can pick a call to play back to the whole group so they can learn from each other
  • You can listen in to any calls whilst they are taking place to identify anyone who is struggling or doing well
  • And you build huge amounts of confidence in your students so they feel better about themselves and feel job ready!!

Everything is provided in the suitcase for you including the laptop with pre-installed software

Equipment Daily hire rate Outright purchase Lease rental/month*
Alpha 6 £150 + courier £3995 approx £160
Alpha 12 £235 + courier £7500 approx £250

The Alpha 12 is amazing; it’s so easy to set up and use and makes a real impact in all of our training sessions. We use the Alpha 12 to develop employability skills with people looking to return to work or seek alternative employment.

The Alpha 12 has also been fundamental in our call centre training courses and the employers we work with comment on the quality of the candidates we put forward as a result of this training.The Alpha 12 helps develop telephone techniques,improves communication and increases confidence.

Kirsty McChesney

Jobs Broker, East Kent College

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