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Accelerate Telephone Performance in Your Business

“Great equipment, easy to use, helpful to facilitate people in their new function/task” – trainer in The Netherlands. “I had a fabulous workshop and thanks to you, it was all very professional” – trainer in Germany “We have used it in all our locations and it has been received very well! In fact we would like to buy one for our Warsaw location “ – trainer in Poland

Trainers, are you involved in any of the following:

  • Call handling
  • Appointment making
  • Customer Services
  • Complaints
  • Prospecting
  • Telesales
  • Debt Collection
  • Crisis calls
  • Professional Telephone Techniques
  • Pre-employability training
  • English as a Foreign Language

  • Do you want your delegates to really understand how they sound on the phone?
  • Do you need to get the standard of skills right before staff speak to real customers?
  • Is there a ‘disconnect’ between their leaving the induction and then speaking to real customers – fear, anxiety?
  • Do you give your inductees practice time to familiarise themselves with the calls they will be dealing with so they feel ‘job ready’?
  • Are you running regular induction and upskilling of large groups so consistency is vital with every group?
  • Do you need a way to give the groups lots of telephone practice with a sense of realism?
  • Are you training in lots of different places so need a solution that is flexible?
  • Are you wanting to ‘add value’ to your courses for your ‘customers’?
  • Do you want to give your telephone training the extra Wow factor ?

“it really makes the new hire course so much better than before.  It is more interactive and has had such a positive impact” – Enza Burgio, Pitney Bowes

PhoneCoach portable telephone coaching equipment is easy to use and gives your delegates the portunity to practice their skills and hear them back immediately.

Trainers, are you involved in any of the following:

“The PhoneCoach equipment that we use within our training has been excellent. The technology of the product is fantastic and our trainers find it easy to use and our delegates love how they can hear themselves back straightaway and improve their technique. Saving the calls and sending them through to line Managers to carry on the development of their staff has also been a fantastic tool. Mandy herself has delivered outstanding service and has also been prompt in delivering equipment and supporting when needed. I would highly recommend Phonecoach. “ Sales Academy Manager, Virgin Active Fitness

You write your scenarios for the delegates and then using the equipment they practise in couples – one playing the ‘caller’ the other the ‘receiver’.

How does the equipment work?

  • Portable units that plug into any wall socket in any room ready to roleplay in 5 minutes! No wifi or servers required so use anywhere there is a plug socket.
  • The calls are made on cordless phones so you can split your callers and receivers into two areas of the room, or two rooms to make it super realistic
  • The calls are recorded simultaneously so everyone is working at once and then they can listen back to them immediately afterwards. Hey presto, lightbulb moments, delegates who really understand now how they sound, taking ownership for the call and being able to identify what they did well and  what they can improve on.
  • You, the trainer, can listen into all the calls whilst they are being recorded so you can make a note of who is doing well and who might need extra help. Great for identifying learning gaps.
  • The delegates then instantly play back their own calls down their telephones !!
  • Then, when you want to, the group can listen to one call at a time via the loudspeaker for everyone to learn from each other’s calls if that is how you like to do your training.
  • Use them in different rooms in one location, or send them from location to location depending on your training plans, or if you just want to use it for a day here and there then hiring is a great option. We will deliver to the venue and collect afterwards saving you any hassle.

Using in Europe

The equipment can be used anywhere in Europe.You can hire it directly from us and we only charge for the days you are using the equipment.Then we will have it collected. Or, of course, you can buy it outright.Simply contact us with your requirements and we can quote you for the shipping to and from the European destination.

Using in the USA

We sell and hire the Alpha 6 phone kit in the USA. Look at our site and contact our American distributor.

“the most beneficial part is roleplaying with 12 people simultaneously.  The delegates really benefitted from being able to listen back immediately to their conversations.  I love this kit” Rosemary Bannister

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