Room 101 – where crime busting calls die

Room 101 – where crime busting calls die

Recently, Councillor Carl Les – the leader of North Yorkshire Police force’s watchdog – said he wasn’t satisfied with their 101 service. The average time taken to answer a 101 call in August 2017 was three minutes and 35 seconds.

That’s a huge amount of time!

Would you wait 215 seconds to have your call answered?

Time 15 seconds. It can seem ages when you’re waiting. Add 200 seconds to that and you’ll see it’s a lifetime.

As more staff were trained, delays would be further reduced

North Yorkshire Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Will Naylor said waiting times for callers were lower last year, and as more staff were trained, delays would be further reduced, but ultimately waiting times were dependent on the volume of calls.

Cllr Les added: “We are now getting the message ‘we don’t bother reporting crime because you can’t get through to the 101 number’ and that’s not good enough.”

He’s right, it’s not good enough.

And what if that was your business? What if calls to your company were abandoned? Your customers would vote with their feet and go elsewhere.

Improving call handler confidence and efficacy

Sometimes, the issue can be the efficacy and confidence of the call handler, and that’s where a professional and realistic, portable telephone role-play tool can be invaluable.

Utilising a tool such as this during induction highlights where mistakes are being made and means they aren’t made in front of your customers, or potential customers. It also boosts the confidence of your ‘newbie’ and reduces attrition rates because they feel comfortable in their roles, having learnt invaluable soft skills such as how to speak to callers, and the importance of listening and questioning.

And a great benefit for ‘newbies’ and organisations alike is that if during training, a member of staff realises that call handling is not for them, it saves the employer time and money that would have been invested in the ‘newbie’ and that person knows that making calls is not for them.

To find out more about a telephone role-play system, or to arrange a free demonstration and beat the answering time of North Yorkshire Police, fill out our contact form or call: Mandy Stephens on +44 (0)1323 765111.

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