Alpha 6 Product Page

Alpha 6 for small groups and one-to-one coaching

A trainer’s dream – just plug and play in 5 minutes and give role-play recording practice for up to 6 at the same time

“PhoneCoach has brought another dimension to our training.  The power of giving delegates the opportunity to listen to themselves talking on a call is immense.  It allows them to realise their own areas of development much quicker rather than by back and forth feedback, which in turn helps them to build confidence on the phone much faster.  The fact that it is extremely easy to use is an added bonus.  This is an absolute game changer for us and we have been reaping the benefits from day 1.” Steve Beadle, European Training Manager, Expense Reduction Analysts

  • Power through practice sessions
  • Accelerate the confidence & skills of participants so they know what to expect when faced with real calls
  • Give participants vital feedback and let them take ownership
  • Turn theory into practice
  • Make mistakes in a safe learning environment NOT with real customers

Our Clients Include

  • MOD
  • Helm Training
  • Toyota
  • Capquest Financial
  • Rolls Royce

  • Righttrack Consultancy
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Hemsley Fraser Training
  • Best Connection Group
  • Capita/Civil Service Learning

  • Samaritans
  • University Hospital Birmingham
  • The White Company
  • Oxford Media & Business School
  • Network Homes

This model is for 6 people and enables you, the trainer, to do all these things:

  • Role-play and record with up to 6 people simultaneously
  • Have your ‘callers’ and ‘receivers’ separated by up to 20m*
  • Silent monitor and talk to any of the couples
  • Play back all 3 calls at the same time down the cordless phones to the participant pairs
  • Play back one call at a time via the loudspeaker so the group can hear
  • Copy recordings to a memory stick for assessment purposes or later use
  • Delete and copy whole sessions
  • Move it around easily in its wheeled suitcase from place to place

* because you are using cordless phones on 2.4Ghz this will depend on many factors – thickness of walls, masts nearby, telephone switchgear, wi-fi interference etc..

And in addition to that …..

  • Use it in any room, plug into any wall socket
  • Does not use Wifi or servers, completely stand alone (your IT people will love you!)

“I am pleased to say that we are enjoying our new PhoneCoach very much.  It really makes the new hire course so much different from before.  We can do individual and group reviews and really craft the scripts that we develop.  It makes the course so much more interactive and the fact that we can save and send on to the managers if required makes such a positive impact” – Enza Burgio, Sales Trainer, Pitney Bowes


Buy outright

£4,250 + VAT

What’s included

  • 1 Telephone Case with 6 cordless handsets (plugin headsets also available)
  • 1 Dell Windows Laptop with software pre-installed
  • Specially designed software
  • 1 mini loudspeaker
  • 1 trainer’s headset
  • Software support/technical support included in first year’s warranty
  • Our warranty includes ANY manufacturing faults
  • Ongoing software support is available optionally at the end of the first year.

Headsets: Can be supplied to plug into the side of the phone to make your training even more realistic. £55/headset + VAT.

Hire Fee per day of use

£150 + VAT (+£23.50 + VAT courier fee each way)

Long term rental  If you have a project that requires kit to be used on site or several sites over a period of time but you don’t wish to buy then get in touch and we can organise a tailored rental agreement for you.

Lease Finance

About £160/month + VAT over 3 years (ask for a quote)

“The phone coach is one of the best pieces of training equipment I have come across, especially for training in a call centre. It allows learners to practice communications, new process etc in a really informal and relaxed way. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” L & D consultant, Capquest Financial


When assessing telephone skills, we have often found it useful to “tune” our ears to one or more particular aspects of telephone techniques so that we don’t miss anything. Free for you are 7 checklists we have compiled to help you do this. You can use them yourself as prompts when listening to recorded calls or you can give them to the delegates so they can critique themselves. Just put your name and email in and hit send!

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7 Essential Phone Training Checklists

You can use them yourself as prompts when listening to recorded calls or you can give them to the delegates so they can critique themselves. Just put your name and email in and hit send and we will do the rest!

Running Effective Telephone Role-Play Sessions

A video explaining how to run effective telephone role-play sessions.