Problems with Role-Playing (Part 2)

Trainees Lack “Acting” Ability
Our trainees aren’t actors; they may be able to be themselves but they can’t take the part of someone else – in fact some of them will “freeze” if they have to do that.”

So far, we have never heard of a participant who “froze” and was unable to complete a role-play . We have also had comparatively few “actors” as well -in fact they are often a drawback . If you choose the right role-plays and set up a supportive atmosphere, nearly all trainees will participate and learn.

Our manual Role-Play in Telephone Training will give you some guidance should you need it.

Not Enough Time
It’s all too time-consuming

Role-playing certainly takes time, but if you try to save that time, you will simply build up further training needs in the future.
The investment of your time and your trainees’ time now in the proper preparation for and running of role-plays will enhance your telephone training enormously.

We do not believe that any of the common problems outlined above are good reasons for avoiding the use of role-plays – but they are excellent reasons for making sure you go about the process in the right way.

Telephone role-play kit
As the originators of purpose-designed telephone coaching equipment in the UK PhoneCoach can provide proven kit for all training events. The range can meet any need. Simply call 01323 765111 or visit the website for more information.

So get busy and enjoy your next round of telephone role-playing with confidence!!

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