Phonecoach Coaching Equipment Case Study – Vertu Motors Plc

What was the background surrounding you buying the equipment? In other words what was the business reason that caused you to look for this equipment?

As a motor retailer we make an average of 15000 sales outbound calls a week and receive an average of 4000 inbound. Handling the phone enquiry effectively is therefore critical to our success.

What is the target audience for the equipment?

The equipment is used to train Sales and Service executives as well as dealer receptionist and the Call centre handlers

Did you explore any other solutions before buying PhoneCoach?


The Solution

What attracted you to the PhoneCoach system you have now?

The PhoneCoach system we have now has made equipment handling much easier and set up quicker with less wires and fuss.

How did you incorporate PhoneCoach on the programme?

The PhoneCoach equipment is used in three particular modules run for sales and service colleagues on effectively handling Inbound and Outbound calls

What benefits has the equipment given
a) you, the trainer?

Easier and quicker set up, also less awkward to transport

b) the delegates?

A more modern approach and less alien equipment for the younger users

c) the business?

We have been able to so far train a number of Sales, Service Executives on the group call handling process ‘Call Active’. PhoneCoach provides a fantastic transportable facility to train, listen, feedback, then practice, drill rehearse until we get it right.

Shaun Gallagher, Vertu Motors Plc

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