Phonecoach Coaching Equipment Case Study – The Co-Operative Banking Group

What was the background surrounding you buying the equipment? In other words what was the business reason that caused you to look for this equipment?

Our new Starter Induction was at a review stage and we were looking to improve the core skill sets of call handlers prior to moving into the business area.

What is the target audience for the equipment?

Sales Adviser Inductions within the Banking Call Centres in Manchester, Leek, Plymouth, Skelmersdale and Stockport. We are extending this to include the internal HR helpdesk and the Debt Management Unit and Collections Teams.

Did you explore any other solutions before buying PhoneCoach?

I had used Phone Coach in a previous organisation a few years previously and looking at the updates to the products felt the Alpha 12 would meet our current and future requirements

The Solution

What attracted you to the PhoneCoach system you have now?

The kit allowed “in the moment” coaching as well as offering an electronic format for saving and reviewing the coaching activities. We felt that the system would also allow us to provide sign off activities as well as coaching and development for call handlers with internal and external customers.

How did it solve the problem?

We were able to test specific elements of the Advisers skill sets. In particular we could focus on the areas that were consistently highlighted as development for new starters after Induction

How did you incorporate PhoneCoach on the programme?

We reviewed the content and identified the key skill areas where phone coach could be used to demonstrate best practice, allow advisers to practice the skills and then to test the advisers competence in a safe environment.

What benefits has the equipment given
a) you, the trainer?

Allows us to demonstrate best practice, coach in the moment, and highlight specific areas of development on a one to one or group basis.

b) the delegates?

Phone Coach allows us to replicate the working environment so that new starters can get a feel for the role and the technology they will use following induction. They get clear examples and specific practice and coaching before taking live calls

c) the business?

Call efficiencies for new starters improved by 20% but with no increase in the training period.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

Phonecoach has allowed us to provide more innovative training solutions to the business than before with tangible business results.

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