Phonecoach Coaching Equipment Case Study – Relate Ltd

What was the background surrounding you buying/hiring the equipment? In other words what was the business reason that caused you to look for this equipment?

• Originally because of the long term strategy for training call operatives from scratch to build a call centre facility for Relate over a 3 year period

(*Subsequently – equipment has been “hired” rather than purchased for various training events throughout the UK)

What is the target audience for the equipment?

1) Internally for call operatives (Relate Response consultants) at Relate Central Office
2) For Federation (Relate Centres) staff throughout the UK
3) Organisations and companies where telephone counselling training is required

The Solution

What attracted you to the PhoneCoach system you have now?

• The system we have now, is over 4 years old and we will continue to use it internally only.
• The attraction was the cordless use of phones, the recording and playback opportunity.
• The system we have currently been hiring – because of the advanced technology, the laptop recording and the user friendliness.

How did it solve the problem?

Giving everyone the chance to role-play at the same time and then enabling the delegates to hear their calls back instantly and then coach them has been fantastic.

How did you incorporate PhoneCoach on the programme?

Introduced the equipment to delegates and trainees and supervised the use throughout the programme of training

What benefits has the equipment given
a) you, the trainer?

Opportunity to provide “live” practice sessions and give feedback

b) the delegates?

• Opportunity to put into practice the learning input
• To hear their own voices
• To gain feedback from their peer group and trainer
• To adjust their practice in line with the experience

c) the business?

• Offered a more professional approach to training
• Raised the quality of the training delivery
• Raised the quality of the outcomes of training

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

• The service and personal contact has made the continuous use of PhoneCoach equipment a lot more than a business transaction every time.
• We have valued the support, administration, helpfulness and interest in our business as much as we have valued the equipment itself.

Lin Griffiths, Relate

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