Phonecoach Coaching Equipment Case Study – Banff & Buchan College

What was the background surrounding you buying the equipment? In other words what was the business reason that caused you to look for this equipment?

We needed the phones to train our Office Admin students in the use of phones and how to make/receive business calls.

What is the target audience for the equipment?

Students can range from 16-60. Male or female.

Did you explore any other solutions before buying PhoneCoach?

Not personally, I think research was carried out online, probably looking for the most reasonable price and the equipment that was most suited to our requirements.

The Solution

How has PhoneCoach helped?

We are able to use the PhoneCoach equipment to allow the student to get, as near as possible, a realistic experience in making business calls.

How did you incorporate PhoneCoach on the programme?

Exercises are devised and carried out by the students in a reception environment where they have to deal with visitors to the reception and carry out all tasks relating to working in that kind of role. They are also required to deal with phone enquiries and pass on calls in a role play scenario.

What benefits has the equipment given
a) you, the trainer?

It gives as realistic a situation as possible for the students. The 3 way phone scenarios are good and relevant to real life work within an office/reception.

b) the delegates?

It allows them to not only practice but to also to listen to themselves and one another and to pick up on any improvements/adjustments they need to make on their calls.

c) the business?

It allows us to give the students as much practice as possible in carrying out correct business calls and to create a realistic experience before they make “real” calls.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?

They have been effective and give the students a realistic experience.

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