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telephone training secretsFollowing a very positive response to last month’s Telephone Training News post, I’ve pulled together some more great articles and resources for people involved in training. A nice, diverse selection here including videos, research and articles on customer service, sales and training techniques. Enjoy!

20 important customer service statistics for 2014
Need to justify your customer service training budget? A round-up of useful statistics from recent publications and research surveys, with links, from the Fonolo blog. You can also download their white paper “12 Contact Center Trends for 2014” here.

Memorable training debriefs
Another excellent post from Trainers Warehouse, recently updated with no less than 26 more ideas for wrapping up your training so it sticks.

Customer service enyclopaedia infographic
Handy guide to the jargon customer service experts use (sometimes forgetting that not everyone knows what they mean by “customer experience” and “conflict resolution”).

A recipe for customer service training
Eleven “ingredients” for a successful training programme from Belding. I like the idea in point 3 that at least 75% of the course should be interactive exercises.

Fun video for setting up listening skills
This video is from Big Bang Theory, which I’d heard of but never seen. Thanks to Irina Burgess posting in TrainingZone for this one.

The future of learning
Nothing really new as such, but a thought-provoking look at the drivers and trends affecting learning and development from Akisifala.

How to keep your customers
Starting with the Harvard Business School statistic that increasing retention rates can improve profits by 25% to 95%, this well-referenced post on Convince and Convert looks at 15 ideas to increase loyalty, from selling the “right” way to making loyalty progammes work.

Set up animation for the meaning of empathy
Short animation from RSA shorts featuring the brilliant Dr Brene Brown. Explains the difference between sympathy and empathy with gentle humour. Priceless.

Have fun with these, and see you in a couple of weeks!

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