Live Call Recording

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LiveCallAnytime is a quick and easy training, coaching and monitoring service which enables you to record outbound calls from any phone to any phone, anytime, without the need for specialist equipment.

It is a valuable way to:

  • Find out how your staff are handling calls
  • Hear what your customers are saying on the other end of the phone
  • Develop your staff’s skills
  • Maintain current service standards
  • Improve cold calling techniques
  • Make the most of sales opportunities
  • Correct technical errors
  • Benchmark your offices throughout the UK
  • Do mystery shoppping for your clients

Other uses for Live Call Anytime:


Make monthly calls to benchmark on behalf of your client to

Sales Managers:

  • Increase your sales conversions – get your team to make some calls to then play them back to them one to one to identify good performance and identify improvement points.
  • Do ongoing spot checks once a month to see if there are any learning gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Analysing calls helps you help your staff to deal with new customer queries so that you can satisfy the customer every time.
  • Make calls to other offices to check calls are handled correctly.
  • Log in remotely to calls that have been made so you can analyse them before speaking to your team.


  • When you are given a training assignment, make some calls to your customer to see how their staff answer the phone
  • Before you start the assignment ask the staff to make some outbound calls for a day so you can hear exactly what is being said which will help you tailor your course
  • Either use the calls on the course, or get the staff to use the service after the training so you can monitor them to see how much has been embedded.

What can you do with Live Call Anytime?

Call from ANY phone to ANY phone

You do not need a certain phone to use our service, as long as you can dial a number then you can use the service. . You can call from landlines and mobiles to landlines and mobiles. Very easy to use.

Use Anywhere

As long as you can make a call you can use us, whether you are in the office, on the way to work or even in bed you can still use LiveCallAnytime.

Instant Playback

As soon as you have finished your calls you can instantly play them back via the LiveCallAnytime website. Particularly useful if you are running a training session and everyone has been making outbound calls and you wish to review them as a group immediately.

Or you can review calls from your sales team when it suits you and then do one to one coaching with them back in the workplace.

Download recordings

Make the most of our service by being able to download all of the call recordings in order to be able to refer to them for training purposes. Some trainers send recordings via email to the staff with a short critique.

you can also make comments by the side of each recording so you know who was speaking and you may want to make a note of locations or organisations.

No need to sign a contract

You can use us for one day, or a month at a time. No contracts to sign. You only pay for what you use. There are no special terms and conditions.

£12 for a number for the day and have as many people as you like use the service at the same time, plus landline (10p) and mobile (20p) mins.

or £35/month inc of up to 500 landline mins. Mobiles and all other mins are extra.

To sign up for your free trial, click the green button at the top of the page, or fill in your details to right of this panel underneath the video and we will get in touch.

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Free trials always available

How much?

Option 1 – Daily Use
For occasional use (designed for days here and there).
You can us maybe once or twice a month for a number.
Basic charge of £12+VAT per day you have the number  (exc. weekends) plus:

10p/minute to landline
20p/minute to mobile
25p/minute to 0845 type numbers
International is extra

Option 2 – Monthly Plans
One off set up fee for each number, login and password:  £35 + VAT
(calls to mobiles, 0845 and international are additional)
All prices are exluding VAT @ 20%

Tariff 1


per month

  • up to 500 landline minutes
  • one off setup of £35 per number

Sign up

Tariff 2


per month

  • up to 2400 landline minutes
  • one off setup of £35 per number

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Tariff 3


per month

  • up to 5000 landline minutes
  • one off setup of £35 per number

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Finding out more

Give us a call and we will:
• explain anything you’re not sure about
• give you details of our pricing, terms and conditions
give you a free trial

Free trials always available – Call 01323 765111 or email

Live Call Anytime is a subsidiary of PhoneCoach, who sell and hire portable telephone coaching equipment. Live Call Anytime is a trading name.   Live Call Anytime is a 3rd party supplier of Opex Hosting and the only dedicated provider provider of this service for smaller businesses and individuals

Live Call Anytime was founded in 2011 when we realised it would be really helpful to be able to record live outbound calls once training had been carried out with a group to ensure the learning had been embedded.

We realised very quickly that it could also be used pre-course as well for assessment and for on-job coaching.  The service was originally aimed at sales trainers and managers but has widened to be used by all kinds of applications like like mystery shopping and benchmarking.

Its USP:  no need for permanent call recording.  You simply pre-dial a number before making your call and you can call from any phone to any phone.

Have a free trial on us (3-5 calls in the UK) to see whether it fits into your  training and coaching plans.   Totally without obligation.   Call us on 01323 765111, or email

regards Mandy Stephens, Director


‘“We love using Live Call Anytime, it’s a real value add. Not only is it an easy and cost effective way to record calls, it supercharges their learning. This is where the magic happens for participants, which means we can deliver for our clients”  Diane Banister, Intelligent Dialogue

Margaret Hartley reviewing calls on the computer with sales people

‘I have worked with Mandy and the Phonecoach team for approximately 18 years. Over this time they have made a huge difference to my training sessions with great results and enhanced learning taking place. Call recording allows delegates to develop an increased awareness of their calling impact and helps them to grow as sales professionals. The service from the Phonecoach team is exceptional and highly recommended”.   Andrew Carr, Acet People, (recruitment)

“My team has found the service so easy to use.  It does exactly what it says on the tin and I am able to email my clients these recordings which gives so much added value.  I have also been able to use the service to help monitor my own team”

Tony Morris,Tony Morris,


“Hi Mandy I used the Live Call recording system today for a Credit Control Course. We critiqued each live call made and my trainee was able to claim £15k by call 4 – a great result – a great system – a great company. Thanks”

Margaret Hartley

“This service enables me to accelerate quickly the learning with individuals, which ultimately means I am saving companies money. I am excited about what differences this will make to my other training clients.”

Audrey Bodman, Director of Outshine – telesales specialists

“I don’t know how I delivered sales training without it before!!  Couldn’t be without it now – too valuable a resource!” Group Training Manager, Recruitment Company

Technical information

Live Call Anytime uses a program called Silverlight.   These are the programs it is supported and not supported by.

Windows 7 Internet Explorer
If you use this you will be absolutely fine.

Windows 10
You need to be using Internet Explorer not Edge.    It is relatively easy to add a shortcut to Internet Explorer to the desktop, task bar or start menu in Windows 10 so it can be used instead of the Edge browser.   To find Internet Explorer just key it in in the search bar.

Firefox withdrew support of the Silverlight plugin recently that is required in their latest release (version 52) of the browser. However, if you still want to use Firefox the version of Firefox to use is Firefox 52 ESR.

Google Chrome
You cannot use Silverlight with Google Chrome.

The security certificate for Call Craft is valid and verified by GlobalSign Organisation Validation CA. In addition Call Craft runs on the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) service. This provides security via SSL & TLS. As such it should not be blocked by any trusted security programs.   The Microsoft Silverlight application that the site runs on is also a validated Microsoft Corporation product which is covered by the Silverlight License and Agreement policies and is validated by Microsoft themselves

Live Call Anytime is the trading name used by PhoneCoach.   Live Call Anytime is a 3rd party supplier of Opex Hosting and the designated provider of this service for smaller businesses and individuals

Legality of Live Call Recording

This has become such a grey area. These days none of us really know when we are being recorded except when we call very large organisations. In a normal business situation, calls recorded for training or customer service can be verified, since either you or an associate was party to the call.
The sole purpose of Live Call Anytime is to provide a tool that record calls for TRAINING AND MONITORING PURPOSES. It is used to do spot checks and help identify where staff may have learning gaps and what can be done to help them, which helps the business overall.It is not a spying device or something to catch staff or customers/prospects out with.  It really is about trying to pinpoint the way staff speak on the phone and HELPING them improve their performance.
With Live Call Anytime the person making the calls always knows they are being recorded. It is completely up to you whether you advise someone on the other end of the phone, a customer or prospect, that they are being recorded.  However this may affect the way the call develops (particularly with prospects) and we advise all customers that the recordings are kept to replay to the staff for training purposes and are eventually deleted. Certainly when you use the one day service we delete the calls at the end of the day so they cannot be used by anyone else. They are kept on a secure site that no-one else can access.
For 99% of our customers they are delighted to be able to use this service to improve their businesses and the benefits far outweigh any concerns. They know it helps improve the productivity of their businesses and the confidence and skills of their staff.

Further information
PhoneCoach cannot provide legal advice or accept liability for reliance by any person on any legal information that we pass on, or for any views expressed here. Interception, recording and monitoring of telephone calls are governed by various pieces of UK legislation, with which compliance is mandatory.

Please note in particular:
•    Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (‘RIPA’)
•    Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice)(Interception of Communications) Regulations 2000 (LBP Regulations)
•    Data Protection Act 1998
•    Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999
•    Human Rights Act 1998

Confidentiality at work
Employees are entitled to access a phone at work that is not recorded.

Legality vs ethics

At PhoneCoach we understand the distinction between ethics and legality when recording calls. In a normal business situation, calls recorded for training or customer service can be verified, since either you or an associate was party to the call.
We believe there’s no ethical difference between conducting a telephone conversation then telling a colleague about it, and having the conversation and allowing an associate to listen to its recording. The equivalent is telling a colleague about a letter you’ve received, or letting them actually read it; the difference between a third party reading a letter or listening to a recording, or being told about either, is that by reading or listening to the original they know, word for word, what was said.
However, it would be unethical for yet another party – a competitor, say – to ‘bug’ your offices or telephone lines and so learn your commercial secrets. (Note in this case the “competitor” was not party to the original telephone call, nor did they notify you that the call was being recorded).
UK law rightly makes illegal such third-party interception, where neither party to the call knows the call is being recorded (except by the police to enforce law).