For all in-house Customer Service trainers, managers and supervisors we are proud to introduce


In partnership with Intelligent Dialogue

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A range of 7 x 1 hour Customer Service training modules that YOU deliver

  • Bitesize chunks that save you design time
  • Deliver wherever and whenever you want to
  • Keeps your training costs low as it is delivered in-house
  • Easy to follow guides for each session including trainer notes, timings, key learning points and powerpoint slides (if appropriate)
  • Proven and effective content that will bring tangible improvements to your business

And in addition to that:

  • Once purchased, you can run the sessions time and time again at no extra cost.
  • You can run the sessions as stand-alone, or mix and match to produce your own programme. You can buy the modules that suit your needs.
  • You can see modules on approval* within the UK
  • And there is a sample to download so you can see how they work.

* £25 refundable if you purchase the materials.

Are you ready to deliver game-changing customer service training?

  • In tune with Choosing Your Attitude

    Help your people to understand the choices they make around attitude. Being positive feels good and it has real customer service benefits.

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  • In Tune with Extraordinary Service

    Be extraordinary not ordinary. This module from the in Tune series, helps teams to look at examples of service and know whether they think they are bad, ordinary or extraordinary.

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  • In tune with Language and Pace

    It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. Find out how to build a beter rapport with customers through language – especially if you deal with customers over the telephone.

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  • In tune with Listening

    Being listened to matters to the customer. Discover the art of listening and reap the benefits – getting things right first time and improving customer satisfaction.

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  • In tune with Motivation

    When we understand what motivates us and those around use we can become more influential. This module allows team leaders to discover what motivates their team.

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  • In tune with Recognition

    Discover the power of feedback, positive strokes and recognition. This powerful team-building session allows participants to recognise their own strengths and the strengths of the team.

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  • In tune with The Customer’s World

    Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes makes things run smoothly an transforms the customer relationship. Learn about key customer types, identify their needs and find out how to help them.

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  • In tune with | Customer Service Training Video

    Packed with ideas to explore in order to improve your customer experience, the video is designed to be used on its own or in conjunction with some or all of the In Tune modules.

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Freelance trainers/training companies

The In Tune With training materials are not currently available to freelance trainers or other training companies, although we are looking at supplying these on a license basis. In Tune training materials are only available to companies and organizations wishing to train their own staff in-house. All training material is protected by trade mark and copyright.