In-house trainers – L & D, Sales, Compliance, Recruitment, Induction


Are you running:

  • Induction programmes
  • Recruitment and assessment days
  • Upskilling sessions
  • Handling challenging calls sessions
  • Handling complaints sessions
  • Handling crisis calls
  • Debt collection sessions
  • Customer service skills
  • Compliance sessions
  • Sales/service sessions?

You may have:

  • Attrition issues after new starters have been in the job a short while
  • New starters speaking to customers who have never practised real scenarios and are terrified
  • Several locations and want to bring consistency and a high standard to the training
  • No way of practising in a safe learning environment
  • Participants commenting that it was a lot of listening and not a lot of doing?

Would you like to:

  • Turn theory into practice
  • Make the sessions more interactive and memorable
  • Embed the learning
  • Make the participants feel super confident and able to handle anything
  • Help them make the transition from ‘training room’ to ‘workplace’ quickly and smoothly
  • Cut down on the training time during induction
  • Put the new learning into practice without using a real life customer!

“We have used PhoneCoach extensively throughout our Induction training and use it for an array of different courses. PhoneCoach gives delegates the opportunity to carry out tasks and conduct conversations with role play scenario customers in a safe environment. This gives the delegates the ability to overcome challenging situations and understand the complexities of the role before joining our contact centre and speaking with live customers”  EDF Energy

PhoneCoach portable training kits will help you bring the sessions to life. Very often what you thought you sounded like is very different once you hear the actual call, particularly in the context of the course learning

With these kits you can:

  • Easily listen back, critique and feedback the call example that has just taken place either down the individual phones or one call via the loudspeaker
  • All 12 (or 6 dependant on kit size) people are role-playing and recording simultaneously
  • Silent monitor the calls to identify examples of good and bad practice
  • Download the recordings onto memory stick if required
  • Create ‘best practice’ recordings for your participants to listen to
  • Put actual recordings onto the laptop for your participants to listen to

And the big win for in-house trainers…..

  • USE THE KIT IN ANY ROOM WITH JUST A PLUG SOCKET. Set up in 5 minutes. (No wifi or servers are needed). Move it around your building or courier to other locations. Your IT guys will love you as there is nothing needed from their point of view.

“It allows learners time to practice their new found knowledge whilst on the phone, meaning they are a lot more comfortable once they are in the live environment. PhoneCoach is a great tool for establishing the competency of the learners too, as we can complete call evaluations within the learning suite.” Harry Dean, L&D Business Partner, 1ST CENTRAL Insurance Management Limited

“The PhoneCoach kit is one of the best pieces of training equipment I have come across, especially for training in a call centre.  It allows learners to practice communications, new process etc in a really informal and relaxed way.  I can’t recommend it highly enough!” L & D consultant, Capquest

You can

  • Hire a kit as you need it if you have the odd day here or there. We will deliver and collect to anywhere in UK and Europe and only charge you for the day of use. It will be ready to use when you arrive at the venue and we will arrange the collection when you have left. Easy!
  • Buy a kit if you run frequent sessions so it is always available. You can buy outright or via lease finance over 3 years. And pay a small amount at the end to own it outright. This comes with our no quibble one year guarantee against ANY manufacturing fault.

Best way forward if you are interested in seeing one

We will come and demonstrate it (take 30-40 mins to run through it all with you), and if you want to ……

you can also have a free trial for a couple of days so you are completely satisfied it is right for your organisation.

So, to arrange a demonstration or discuss any aspect of your training and how PhoneCoach kits might fit in please fill in the enquiry form below or give us a call or send an email.
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