Handling Complaints By Phone

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This is a ‘ready-to-use’ training session package for trainers to deliver in their own organisations.  It is about Handling Complaints via incoming or outgoing telephone calls.

Once it is purchased, there is a licence that means it can be copied provided the copyright notices are observed.

This session package could be anywhere from 3 – 6 hours, or more depending on how much discussion there is, and role-play activity.It can vary widely with trainer style, participants’ responses, how long exercises take, how deeply the discussion gets into specific organisational issues, and so on.

In particular, timing will vary with role-play activity: the number of roleplays used; their complexity; and the method of reviewing them. As in any other participative training session,  be prepared to be flexible on timing.

Intended delegates
Anyone who handles customer complaints through incoming or outgoing telephone calls, and would like to increase their confidence when dealing with them.


At the end of a course containing most or all of the material in this package, participants will:

• Be able to provide at least 5 reasons as to why organisations receive customer complaints, based on their own experiences

• List 3 ways that they can manage their customer’s expectations when dealing with their complaint

• Name one thing that they should consider when apologising to a customer (without the use of their notes).

Key Content
• Why do Customers Complain
• What do our Customers Want?
• How to apologise and mean it
• Managing Customer Expectations
• Finding the Right Solution – including role-play
• Summary

We’ll send you a binder with everything you need to run a powerful, interactive training session for your people. We will also email you the whole thing so you can adapt it as you see fit.


Giving you an overview of the package and rough timings.


• giving clear step by step instructions on how to run the session
• see at a glance overview.
• detailed notes to enable you to run the sessions with ease
• notes include tips on timings, running the sessions, and how to keep the sessions lively, participative and focused on the outcome

If you wish to spend more time on a particular issue, there are suggestions for giving sessions greater depth.

There is plenty of space in the Session Guide for You to make notes/changes to the pack to make it more tailored for the organisation.

There are also handouts, icebreakers, group activities, and role-play exercises.

Free ‘On Approval’ service

Currently available in the UK only. Should you wish to look at the materials prior to buying, we will forward you the package and invoice you at the same time. If you want to keep and use the folder we’ll forward you the downloads when we have received payment for the invoice. Should you decide the training material is not right for you, simply package and return to us within 7 days, signing on behalf of your organisation that the material has not been copied or used. To order the package on approval please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.


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