Freelance trainers and training businesses


Are you delivering training sessions on:

  • Handling challenging calls
  • Handling complaints
  • Handling crisis calls
  • Debt collection
  • Customer service
  • Compliance
  • Sales/service
  • Professional telephone techniques
  • Employability
  • Appointment making
  • Telesales


  • Are probably running courses in hotels, training venues, your customers’ offices,
  • May not have the luxury of wifi
  • Probably don’t know exactly which room the training is going to take place in
  • No way of practising in a safe learning environment
  • May not have much time to set up in the morning

And you need to make sure, above all that ……

  • The participants get heaps of value from the day
  • There is a significant change in behaviour that your customer can see going forward
  • The participants talk about the day and remember it
  • You stand out from the competition and guarantee the Wow factor

“Mandy and PhoneCoach have been supporting us on a national project, which has required co-ordination and planning. The kit is easy to use, adds great value to training sessions and is even enjoyed by the delegates. PhoneCoach are super-easy to deal with and ensure that all equipment is where it needs to be, at the time it needs to be there – fully charged and ready to go. We hope to continue our relationship with Mandy and the team well into the future.”  Jeremy Malindine, Managing Director, Total Finesse UK

Here is the PhoneCoach range of telephone coaching equipment

PhoneCoach portable training kits will help you bring the sessions to life. Very often what you thought you sounded like is very different once you hear the actual call, particularly in the context of the course learning

This equipment will enable you to

  • Demonstrate that they can turn theory into practice
  • Make the sessions more interactive and memorable
  • Embed the learning
  • Make the participants feel super confident and able to handle anything
  • Put the new learning into practice without using a real life customer!
  • Help them make the transition from ‘training room’ to ‘workplace’ quickly and smoothly
  • Stand out from the competition and give you the X factor.

With these kits you can:

  • Role-play and record with up to 6 or 12 people simultaneously
  • Easily listen back, critique and feedback the call example that has just taken place either down the individual phones or one call via the loudspeaker
  • Silent monitor the calls to identify examples of good and bad practice
  • Download the recordings onto memory stick if required
  • Create ‘best practice’ recordings for your participants to listen to
  • Put actual recordings onto the laptop for your participants to listen to

And a huge bonus for freelance trainers/businesses:


“I have used PhoneCoach for a few years now. Telephone skills training has always been a key part of my career and as both an in house trainer and owner of my own training business, I have found the equipment to be an invaluable asset to delegate understanding. It helps them practice new skills in a safe environment and receive expert feedback away from the live environment. Practising with PhoneCoach on a regular basis also goes a long way towards ensuring the new skills become new habits. For me this is the best possible return. Not only is the equipment excellent, Mandy and her team have always delivered, in terms of both service and product. I whole heartedly  recommend PhoneCoach, in fact I have on numerous occasions, and will continue to do so.” James Rose, CXPeople  also working for Capita

Training businesses we work with include

  • Capita
  • HT Training
  • Best Practice Training
  • CX People
  • Crofton Myers Training

  • Outshine Group
  • Hemsley Fraser
  • Total Finesse
  • Big Box Training
  • Colin Willsher Training

  • Talksales Europe
  • Righttrack Consultancy
  • JBA Training Design
  • Positive Perspective
  • Ignite Consulting

The product range is here if you want to go straight to the details.

You can

  • Hire a kit as you need it if you have the odd day here or there. We will deliver and collect to anywhere in UK and Europe and only charge you for the day of use. It will be ready to use when you arrive at the venue and we will arrange the collection when you have left. Easy! This is usually how we work with training businesses.
  • Buy a kit if you run frequent sessions so it is always available. You can buy outright or via lease finance over 3 years. And pay a small amount at the end to own it outright. This comes with our no quibble one year guarantee against ANY manufacturing fault.

“We use PhoneCoach on all our customer service and telephone skills training programmes. It adds a great dimension to the course which really helps us achieve great outcomes.  It is really vital for the success of these programmes!” Best Practice Training and Development

Best way forward if you are interested in seeing one

We will come and demonstrate it (take 30-40 mins to run through it all with you), and if you want to ……

you can also have a free trial for a couple of days so you are completely satisfied it is right for your organisation.

So, to arrange a demonstration or discuss any aspect of your training and how PhoneCoach kits might fit in please fill in the enquiry form below or give us a call or send an email.
Tel: +44 (0) 1323 765111

“I have been teaching people the effective use of the telephone for both sales and customer service for over 30 years – and how I wish PhoneCoach had been available all that time! It is very rare that even quite experienced sales people have heard what they sound like on the other end of the phone. And yet the way the voice is used is a key part of successful telephone work. Using PhoneCoach results in a much more effective use of the voice, and therefore more effective calls.  Now I would never run a telephone sales or customer service course without PhoneCoach.” Colin Willsher, Colin Willsher Training also working for Hemsley Fraser and Reed Learning

“I absolutely loved PhoneCoach – the technology is extremely easy to use and the difference it makes to the delegates is phenomenal. As a really positive facilitator, it provides me with tangible evidence of the improvements that delegates can make when we coach them through the ideal sales call. This embeds the learning and shows people how much they can achieve with practice. They can listen to themselves in a safe environment as many times as they like. Recording the call and playing it through step by step is perfect for all communication related courses.” Matthew Storey, Crofton Myers Training