FAQ Page

Can I save the recordings?

All the calls are automatically saved during the session but if you wish to download them you can onto a memory stick very, very easily. Some trainers like to set up best practice folders on the desktop of the laptop provided so you can replay to delegates to show them how a call should be conducted.


How much space is there on the laptop in terms of numbers of recording?

There is a huge amount of space on the laptop so it’s very unlikely that you would actually fill it up but we would recommend that you delete recordings as you go along. There’s not a lot of point keeping recordings on there for a while. Or put them into folders on your laptop.


What is your warranty policy? What does it cover?

When you buy a piece of our equipment, it comes with a one year warranty against any manufacturing fault. That means that if you find that there is something that’s gone wrong, you call us. We look into it over the phone with you and identify what might be wrong. We will send you a part or a whole kit as soon as we possibly can so that your training can continue. We will then collect the equipment put it right and return the kit to you completely free of charge. . If for any reason we’re not happy with the equipment and there is a really serious fault, then we will replace the unit completely free of charge. The warranty includes us picking up and delivering back to you.

Outside of the warranty, we offer you a one year extended warranty that covers you for software on the laptop so that if you spilled coffee on it or did anything like that and you needed to reinstall the software, that would be covered. It covers collection and delivery of the equipment. It covers the phone’s case going wrong, anything like that.


How does the trainer’s headset work?

The trainer’s headset enables you as a trainer to listen in to any of the role plays that are going on. Obviously, they’re going on simultaneously so you key in a code that we give you and you’ll hear the first role playing pair. Then you use an asterisk sign that enables you then to key in through the rest of the calls so that you can actually make notes on any calls that you’ve heard, that you think are interesting, or you’ve got a point to make. You can actually make a note against the time at that particular part of the course, or you can replay it back for the trainees to listen to. It’s a really good tool.

If you want to, you can actually speak to the delegates. It will only enable you to speak to one person at a time, which means that you can actually be quite creative in one role play at getting one piece of information and then the opposite pair of getting another piece of information and to see how that role play then developed.


Does your alpha range connect to live calls?

No it doesn’t. It’s purely for role-playing and does not link into any live call system. However, we do have a service called Live Call Anytime which does enable you to make outbound calls from any phone to any phone. See www.livecallanytime.com.That’s a really good question. If the phones are completely flat, then you would need to charge the phones overnight or all day. Once they’re fully charged, then you should be able to keep them off the bases and use them for training courses minimum one day if not two days.


How long do these phones hold their charge for?

We do always suggest that what you do at the end of each day is that you make sure that you switch the phones off individually and then put them back on their bases that evening or in the morning if you’re running it in a particular training call so that you keep the charge on the phone. If at the end of a training day, you’re not going to be using for another three or four days then switch the phones off individually and then put them back behind their dividers and pack everything away.

When you use them 3 or 4 days later you will find that you have still got some charge on the phone. The actual time that BT says there is on the phone is talk tme of 16 hours or 180 hours standby.


Is it difficult to set up the equipment?

No. It takes about five minutes once you’re used to what to do. There are only two cables involved. There are videos on our website of quick setups, and the user guide has a pictorial to show you exactly how to connect things up, but if you aren’t ever sure, then you can always give us a call and we’ll guide you step by step through the process.


Does the equipment need WiFi or need to be put on servers?

No. The system is completely self contained so you can be confident of plugging it into a wall socket and connecting out, and it will be ready to run and be used in any room.  One of its USP’s is that it doesn’t use Wifi so you can use it anywhere .


Is there a headset option instead of just telephone?

Yes. You can buy a headset that plugs into the side of the telephone so that you can then be hands free during your training session to make it even more realistic.


What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 15 days from date of invoice, payable by BACS transfer or cheque. And we accept credit cards.


Can I hire just for the day? Do I get charged for the extra days either side

No, we only charge you for the day of use, not for the days to deliver and collect.


Can I supply my own laptop if I buy an Alpha product?

No, sorry We only supply Dell laptops now to a certain specification and therefore do not offer the kits being used with different computers because they all have different specifications, and so we have found it better to offer one laptop to make sure. It becomes an integral part of the kit that you keep with it.


Can you deliver but collect from a different place?

Yes, if you’re hiring we can deliver to one venue in the UK and we can collect from another. That is also is the same for Europe.


Can I buy these products overseas?

Yes, you can buy both products in UK and Europe. You can only buy the Alpha Six in the USA. We have a distributor there. You can use our website for details.


How do you situate the delegates to get maximum benefit?

Great question.

If you have a room with a breakout or adjoining room then we recommend having the ‘callers’ in one room and the ‘receivers’ in another.  This way they cannot see each other and it makes it so much more realistic.   The phones distance between couples is about 20-30m so that is usually sufficient although you will need to try it before use.

If you have one room then definitely have the ‘callers’ facing one end of the room and the ‘receivers’ facing the other.  It is the next best thing to them being in separate rooms.



Any other questions please either call us on 01323 765111 or mandy@phonecoach.com