Meet the Team

Mandy Stephens

Director, Head of Sales

Mandy handles most of the sales and business development for the company. She was part of the original PhoneCoach team from 1981 – 1990 and stayed in touch with the company after leaving to set up and run her own successful teambuilding business. Her conviction in PhoneCoach was always unshakeable so when the opportunity arose in 2005 to buy it, she returned to PhoneCoach as its owner.

PhoneCoach resonates so strongly with Mandy because she is customer service personified. She ‘gets it’. She has always understood that every business has to give its customers the very best service it can in order to survive and grow in an increasingly global landscape.

She is passionate about helping each and every customer achieve what they need to move their business forward.

Martyn Stephens

Hire & Service Director

Hire and Service Director ensuring that every kit goes out in immaculate condition and that all equipment leaves PhoneCoach completely ‘ready to go’ for all trainers.

He also oversees all service and repair issues. Please do not hesitate to contact him should you have any questions about the equipment.

Phones, Office Support & IT

Support services

    Our staff include our bookkeeper, VA Kelly and Anthony who does all our IT stuff. We are lucky to have them.

    The Factory

    Design & Development

      We are supported by a wonderful team at the UK factory who are fantastic. They help us design the equipment so it is professional, neat and functional for the trainer.