About Us/What We Do

We can help you with 3 distinct products and services to enhance your training

  • Portable PhoneCoach telephone coaching equipment for inductions/upskilling/training sessions which can be used in any room to record role-play calls with up to 12 people at the same time. For more details click here to view our product range. They can be hired for short term assignments, or bought/lease financed if you are using the equipment many times. The big USP is that you do not need wifi or servers to use this kit. It is self contained. Just plug and play in 5 minutes. Hire from £150 per day or buy.
  • Training materials for you to use:
    • Handling Complaints – a ready to run course package so you can run the training yourself. Once you have bought it you can use the pack as much as you like within your own organisation
    • In Tune With – a range of one hour ‘bitesize’ training sessions
    • Ultimate Customer Service Programme – a multi-media modular programme for individuals to use on customer service
  • Live Call Anytime, an outbound recording service..  You can record a call from any phone to any phone, anytime without needing any live call equipment.
    • Your team can record calls without you there, and you can listen to them remotely or do one-to-one coaching sessions
    • Use it at the end of training sessions to embed the learning (great for sales sessions)
    • Use it for mystery shopping

Have the service for a day (£12 plus call charges), or have a number on a monthly basis, no contracts) Click here for more details.

When assessing telephone skills, we have often found it useful to “tune” our ears to one or more particular aspects of telephone techniques so that we don’t miss anything. Free for you are 7 checklists we have compiled to help you do this. You can use them yourself as prompts when listening to recorded calls or you can give them to the delegates so they can critique themselves. Just put your name and email in and hit send and we will do the rest!

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