6 new spring resources for telephone skills trainers

spring telephone training resourcesThank goodness it’s nearly spring, and here’s our latest round-up of resources for telephone skills trainers. Once again you’ll find the latest tips, videos, research and training exercises to inspire you and your learners. Enjoy!

1. Six ways to add sizzle in the classroom
Entertaining, if slightly off the wall, training advice from the peerless Learning Rebels blog.

2. The top 40 most-taught soft skills
Does ‘most taught’ equate to ‘most needed’? It may not be a surprise that ‘Communication skills’ is number 1 and ‘Listening’ number 4. But ‘Customer service’ only just scrapes into the top 20…

3. The Wright Family listening exercise
Fun, tried-and-tested group exercise that demonstrates the need to concentrate when you’re listening. Use as an icebreaker or introduction to a listening skills module.

4. How to speak so that people want to listen
Inspiring 10-minute TED talk from sound consultant Julian Treasure, including vocal exercises and how to speak with empathy.

5. The myths about online learning
Thinking of investing in elearning to replace old school face-to-face training? Interesting, myth-busting article from the Mayo Clinic on why elearning is not necessarily the cheaper, more effective or more efficient option.

6. The right words and phrases to use with an angry customer
Popular article from the Call Centre Helper blog. Divides angry customers into four types, and offers appropriate words and phrases to help defuse anger and get to a quicker resolution.

We hope you find these resources useful for livening up your telephone skills training. Do you have any training tips or resources you’d like to share?

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