6 fun videos for telephone skills training

Telephone skills training videos - LOLHere’s our latest round-up of resources for people involved in telephone skills training. To cheer up a chilly December, we’ve focused on short, fun videos that you can use as energisers in the training room. Enjoy!

1. The pink elephant prank video
Short 2-minute video from Just For Laughs. Not strictly referring to telephone skills, but a fail-safe way to perk them up before the graveyard shift after lunch. And we never tire of seeing it either.

2. Funny call centre conversation
What do you do when you can’t understand the caller? Funny 5-minute conversation with over 1 million YouTube views.

3. A night at a call centre
A 2-minute prank video showing why you can’t afford to snooze at your desk.

4. Verbal communication
Fun and energising 5-minute video on some of the dangers of verbal communication, such as cultural idioms and euphemisms. Some caution required.

5. Active listening
Some light relief for a session on active listening – a 4-minute segment from Everybody Loves Raymond.

6. It’s not about the nail
We’ve shared this one before, but it’s so priceless we couldn’t resist showing it again! So guilty pleasures, this one. And less than 2 minutes.

We hope you find these videos useful for livening up your telephone skills training. Do you have any training video gems you’d like to share?


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