This blog sums up why telephone practice is so important so that agents can hear themselves and learn from it. Thank you to Vicki Bleakley of Rant and Rave.

I’m very sorry, but are YOU listening??

I’ve had a long-held reputation amongst friends and colleagues for being someone who will complain when things aren’t as they should be, or as they were sold/described to me… and as such, I’ve had a lot of success in ensuring that suppliers meet my expectations and, on some occasions, exceed these.

Anyone can say ‘sorry’ – but if you don’t mean it – don’t use it as a pacifier…

4 months into my role with Rant & Rave, it’s been a great experience to understand just how seriously some brands take their Customer Feedback.

It’s a fairly well known fact that asking for feedback and then doing nothing with it is worse than not asking for feedback in the first place… So why do so many Service companies do this? To try and seem like they care about the Voice of the Customer?

From my own experience, I am sometimes left astounded by the lack of clarity consumers receive.

I recently ordered some crockery online – a fairly straightforward order, 4 bowls, 4 plates – intended for a birthday present. This order arrived in a cardboard box, each plate and bowl wrapped in 1 sheet of brown paper… you may not be surprised to learn that 80% of the contents were smashed.

This meant I had to make a call to the retailer I had purchased them from, immediately being put through to their call-centre and asked what my issue was. So I explained to the agent and their immediate response was, “I’m very sorry to hear that” and every further question I answered was also met with, “”I’m very sorry to hear that”. Clearly they were not, and, even if they were, it wasn’t something I wanted to hear.

What I wanted was progress; either a refund, a replacement delivery (wrapped slightly better), or a delivery to store for me to collect – none of which were initially offered, and why would they? The Call Centre Agent was not incentivised to solve the issue.

4 days after this call – I received an email asking me to review my purchase!

No acknowledgement of the call I had to make, the state of the purchase on delivery, or the issues around refunding or replacing. Although this email was not a surprise to me, it did ratify my decision to never purchase home ware from this company in the future.

They’ve now lost a customer, all because they didn’t listen to me and sent an automated Customer Feedback request, rather than following up on my complaint.

I think this company would benefit from a solution that allowed customers to give feedback – which was then read and acted upon!

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