• Create Your Telephone Superstars

    • Do you want your staff to know how they sound on the phone?
    • Do you need a way to give the groups lots of practice with a sense of realism?
    • Do you need to get the standard of skills right before staff speak to real customers?
    • Are you running regular induction and upskilling so consistency is vital with every group?
    • Are you training people in call handling, telephone techniques, telesales, debt collection, handling challenging calls?
    • Are you training in lots of different places so need flexibility?
    • Are you wanting to ‘add value’ to your courses for your ‘customers’?
    • Do you want to give your telephone training the extra Wow factor?

    Use PhoneCoach portable telephone coaching recording equipment to dramatically improve: confidence, telephone skills and product knowledge.

    Our course provides some very complex language tools. We have previously received feedback that it is difficult for delegates to close the gap from ‘training room’ to ‘place of work’. PhoneCoach has been a real gamer changer for us in this respect allowing us to immediately put the new learning into practise without the pressure of a real life customerL & D Manager, Northumbrian Water

    Customer James Rose discusses the telephone courses he runs including the use of PhoneCoach

    This equipment has been specially designed for:

    In fact anyone who runs telephone skills sessions of any kind

    “It is a completely stand-alone set up perfect for training in all sorts of venues across the UK. The equipment is quick and easy to set up (about 5 minutes) and delegates find the handsets very straight forward to use. It has added weight to the training and coaching delivery and makes role-playing realistic. The real benefit however is the ability to easily listen back, critique and feedback the call example that has just taken place. My delegates like the fact that they can instantly play the call back and listen down the phone to the call using the simple ‘play back’ feature. Very often what you thought you said and how you thought you sounded are very different once you hear the actual call, particularly in the context of the course learning” David Webb, Cambria Academy

    Whether you are an in-company trainer, a trainer running your own business or you are responsible for delivering telephone skills sessions of any kind we have equipment to help you:

    • Accelerate performance
    • Dramatically improve confidence and skills
    • Identify learning gaps

    • Give delegates instant feedback for ‘lightbulb moments’
    • Improve their productivity and the bottom line results of the organisation
    • Coach your people

    The solution we have :

    Portable PhoneCoach telephone coaching equipment for inductions/upskilling/training sessions which is not linked to the live call system in any way and can be used in any room to record practice calls with up to 6 or 12 people at the same time.

    They can be hired for short term assignments, or bought/lease financed if you are using the equipment many times.

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    7 Essential Phone Training Checklists

    You can use them yourself as prompts when listening to recorded calls or you can give them to the delegates so they can critique themselves. Just put your name and email in and hit send and we will do the rest!

    Running Effective Telephone Role-Play Sessions

    A video explaining how to run effective telephone role-play sessions.