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steve beadle ERA“PhoneCoach has brought another dimension to our training. The power of giving delegates the opportunity to listen to themselves talking on a call is immense. It allows them to realise their own areas of development much quicker rather than by back and forth feedback, which in turn helps them to build confidence on the phone much faster. The fact that it is extremely easy to use is an added bonus. This is an absolute game changer for us and we have been reaping the benefits from day 1.” Steve Beadle, European Training Manager, Expense Reduction Analysts.



  • Do you want your staff to know how they sound on the phone?
  • Do you need to get the standard of skills right before staff speak to real customers?
  • Are you running regular induction and upskilling of large groups so consistency is vital with every group?
  • Do you need a way to give the groups lots of practice with a sense of realism?
  • Are you training in lots of different places so need flexibility?
  • Are you wanting to ‘add value’ to your courses for your ‘customers’
  • Do you want to give your telephone training the extra Wow factor?

You have come to the right place!


This equipment has been transformational for our business” – Will Caldwell, L & D Manager, financial services

We needed the phones to train our Office Admin students in the use of phones and how to make/receive business calls. [The PhoneCoach equipment] allows them to not only practice but to also to listen to themselves and one another and to pick up on any improvements/adjustments they need to make on their calls.” – Banff & Buchan College


PhoneCoach Checklist

7 Essential Phone Training Checklists – Trainers Edition

When assessing telephone skills, we have often found it useful to “tune” our ears to one or more particular aspects of telephone techniques so that we don’t miss anything. Free for you are 7 checklists we have compiled to help you do this. You can use them yourself as prompts when listening to recorded calls or you can give them to the delegates so they can critique themselves. Just put your name and email in and hit send and we will do the rest!

Whether you are an in-company trainer, a trainer running your own business or a manager responsible for a team of people we have tools to help you:

Accelerate team performance
• Dramatically improve confidence and skills
Identify learning gaps
• Coach your people
Give them instant feedback
• Improve their productivity and the bottom line results of the organisation

The solutions we have for you are:

Portable PhoneCoach telephone coaching equipment for inductions/upskilling/training sessions which is not linked to the live call system in any way and can be used in any room to record practice calls with up to 12 people at the same time. For more details click here to view our product range.

They can be hired for short term assignments, or bought/lease financed if you are using the equipment many times. Free demonstrations available.

Used the 12 phone kit on my Customer Service course. The most beneficial part was being able to role-play with 12 simultaneously and then being able to listen back immediately to their conversations. I love this kit!!” – Rosemary Bannister, HT Training


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